MeMA’s Membership year is May 1st – April 30th.


Categories and cost of MeMA membership

Regular membership……….$15.00 (voting members shall be limited to persons who have professional responsibilities for museum collections related to the history of the health sciences)

Associate membership…….$15.00 (nonvoting membership shall be open to persons interested in the concerns of the Association, but have no direct responsibilities for collections in the history of the health sciences.)

Student membership……….$10.00 (application for student membership must be accompanied by a letter from an academic advisor stating the student’s status)

Payment of membership fees may be by check  (US. bank only) or by Paypal (below). Please fill out the membership application, print it out and mail it to the address indicated on the form.


The Medical Museums Association (MeMA) was created in 1985 to promote fruitful contacts among individuals, institutions, and organizations involved in collecting, preserving, and interpreting artifacts relating to the history of medicine and the health sciences. The substance of these contacts includes: dialogue among persons interested in, or responsible for, historical collections; loans and exchanges between institutions; improvement of standards in museum and collection management; consultation among members regarding donations, loans, exhibitions, and other museum practices; and the continued education of the general public about the benefits associated with the preservation and study of historical medical collections.

Medical Museums Association membership offers the following benefits:

  • MeMA members constitute an informal network of people working with medical history artifacts who understand the unique issues and problems involved in the care of such collections. Colleagues in this network can provide referrals on technical matters, cataloging standards and procedures, identification and documentation, and appraisal sources. Colleagues also help in locating objects and promote the exchange of exhibits.
  • MeMA holds informative and educational meetings, which address the above issues, and then shares the findings with larger audiences through publications on these topics. MeMA meetings occur the day before the annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, and typically take place in early May.
  • A MeMA delegate provides liaison to the European Association of Museums of History of Medical Sciences and assistance in filing for membership in that organization. The EAMHMS holds meetings every other year in early September.
  • MeMA members may submit submit articles to the ALHHS Watermark publication.